My name is Shaylin and I'm from the United states. I like music and horror movies and cats.

had the best day out with my bestfriend. got some great new sweaters and delicious crepes. 

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30 Day Challenge Day 30: anything you want to post about

prom is tomorrow!!! :3 and i’m here with my best friend calling me a loser.

30 Day Challenge: Day 23 a letter to someone, anyone

Dear Karli, 

You are my best friend in the entire world and I love you so much. You are like a sister to me and I can’t imagine not having you in my life. You mean so much to me and I would be broken without you. Some of my best memories are with you. I love you. <3

also i’m too lazy to right more

30 Day Challenge Day 15: A photo of someone you fancy at the moment.

Ok so honestly I would post one if I had anyone that I had serious feelings for right now, but I don’t. So instead I’ll post a picture of my best friend because she’s the closest thing I have to a boyfriend. 

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Q: 4, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27!

4) how tall am i?: around 5 feet 4 inches

7) boys i trust?: Hmm, well there’s alot. I have about 5 really close guy friends i could tell anything.

11) Confession: i have a really big fear of being alone. and i don’t mean alone like dating, i mean along like not having a friend at all. and not just in life, when i go places too.

15) Someone who is always there for me: My best friend in the entire world

19) Again my best friend in the entire world! ^^^

23) Turn offs: controlling guys, guys who hate cats, coffee breath, smoking etc.

27) What I hate?: asparagus

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